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>>Project/Request Title:
Patriot Act Section 215 (Mass Surveillance) Snippets

>>Project Overview:
Pushing out snippets to end mass surveillance as part of the Mozilla Advocacy campaign.

MoFo will provide copy and assets. Will need review from Matej! 

>> Creative Help Needed:
Copy:    No 
Design:  No 
Video:   No 
Other:  Review

>>Creative Specs:
Copy: under 180 characters
Icon: 40 x 50 png

>>CTA and Design:
Provided by MoFo

>>Expected Launch Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:

>>Mozilla Creative Collective:

>>Points of Contact:,,,
Copy for snippet CTA:
U.S. Congress votes soon on whether to end mass surveillance. Keeping us safe shouldn’t cost us our privacy. Take action now.


Andrea: what are the next steps here?
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Andrea says: 
* Jess: please make 1 or 2 variations of the eyeball. Possibly a blue version.
* We could also re-purpose the advocacy bull horn.

Jess: over to you.
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Other potential copy variations:

* Privacy is a right, not a privilege. Tell Congress it's time to end mass surveillance. Take action and sign the petition.

* Mass surveillance threatens our privacy and security. Tell Congress it's time to end bulk collection of personal data. Sign the petition now.

* Stand up to the Patriot Act and help put an end to mass surveillance. Sign the petition to Congress.

Comment 4

3 years ago
I dropped in an interactive concept for the snippet on redpen here:

My thinking is that this is a nice learning opportunity to show that we can detect data about users, but because we are Firefox, we don't share that information. This is not the case with corporate surveillance. The copy here is probably off, but I can massage that with Matt and Matej.

If this is too much to deliver on for this campaign we could do two other things that are not taking advantage of the learning moment:

1) Just have the eyeball track the user's cursor 

- or -

2) Just display an animated gif of the eyeball going from a rest state to looking all around.
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I like the eyeball tracking more than the learning opportunity. This is because it's fun and more likely to get someone's attention.

Doing both would be ideal, but I think doing the tracking eyeball first and learning bit second is probably a better idea.

I don't see why I couldn't do both, it doesn't seem that bad.

Comment 6

3 years ago
+1 to eyeball tracking over learning more. Let's keep this lightweight and as simple as we can. Will provide feedback on copy soon.
@ Jess: so we're going to go with the simple / lightweight option
* please update status here -- let's try to close out the design work on this today.
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I did a rough slice of this to make sure there were not going to be any problems with adding in the eyeball.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged sooner than later.

Comment 9

3 years ago
(In reply to Scott [:thecount] Downe from comment #8)
> I did a rough slice of this to make sure there were not going to be any
> problems with adding in the eyeball.
> Feedback is welcome and encouraged sooner than later.

Link not viewable for me!
Just shared this with Matej and he likes it a lot -- Jess could we maybe scale the size down just a little? The eye seems a little too big (Don't want to distract too much from the text). If others disagree and like the ALL SEEING GIANT EYE then I could be swayed....
(In reply to Jean Collings from comment #9)
> (In reply to Scott [:thecount] Downe from comment #8)
> > I did a rough slice of this to make sure there were not going to be any
> > problems with adding in the eyeball.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Feedback is welcome and encouraged sooner than later.
> Link not viewable for me!

Hmm, odd. Any idea what it could be? What do you see instead?
I reduced the size and update the colour to match the designs.
Note that you must move your cursor to see the full effect of the design (the eyeball actually follows the user's cursor). We also have a brown eyeball, and can diversify the eye color if there are sensitivities to race/culture to consider.
I have a pull request for this now to mozilla snippets.

The eye colour is now something we can configure, we can also make it random between a set of chosen colours.
@Andrea Do we know yet who's on to review this? Sooner the better. It's ready for review.
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Comment 16

3 years ago
Created attachment 8591731 [details]
Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.48.31 AM.png

Hi all,
I just put it in the snippet service and the design looks like this. The animated part is basically the eye closing halfway - unfortunately, I couldn't really tell that it was an eye (more like an 8 ball?). 

Let me know if you guys want to update the design before I ping for code review.
Yeah, that looks like it's missing the eye-color param. I believe the snippet service has a way to provide variables? I defined it as "eye_color" and suggested values are: brown: 443F27 or blue: 3F9FD8

Comment 18

3 years ago
Hi Giorgos,

Can you do a quick snippet code review in comment 14? I tried it in the service using the raw template and basically came out with what I saw in comment 16 (attachment 8591731 [details]). Let me know, thanks!
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correction on eye_color brown: #443F27 or blue: #3F9FD8

Needs the hash or it won't work.
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Code reviewed, tested and merged. Good job :thecount! :) 

@Jean a minor fix was needed to correct the eye. Now the color defaults to blue but you can set it to whatever color you like.

I created the "Mass Surveillance" on snippets prod

This is ready to go from my side.
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I was playing around with the eye, making it smoother and a little more interactive.

It transitions better between state changes, wander, move, and hover. It also focuses if you mouse over it.

I noticed there was jitter while hover over it so this was an interesting way to fix that.

Looking for feedback, maybe we can merge it, but there is no urgency on this, it's a nice to have.

You can see an example in action here:
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Nice! :) I merged and updated the template on production.
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Comment 23

3 years ago
Is this bug ready to be resolved?

Comment 24

3 years ago
(In reply to Jennifer Balaco from comment #23)
> Is this bug ready to be resolved?

Not yet, thanks!
Created attachment 8599466 [details] [review]

There were a few changes in how we wanted this to look, so I updated the eye snippet with a new pull request.

A live example for how we expect it to look:

Copy is this: "What kind of information do you think the United States government should collect about you? <a href=\"\">Sort it out here, and get smart on surveillance</a>."

No other variables this time around.
Attachment #8599466 - Flags: review?(giorgos)
The actual link in the snippet copy is not complete, I'm finishing that up now. Its work is being tracked here:

Comment 27

3 years ago
Thanks Scott. Giorgos can you review Comment 25 when you get a chance? The icon is larger than 40 x 50 and I want to make sure it won't look broken or off on people's screens. Let us know, thanks!
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Looks good! I only fixed a minor XML issue and tested on stage. I updated the template on production
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Just an fyi I'm not able to see that link, my ldap works but then I get stuck at "Django administration". I'm not aware of any name or password for that.
That's OK. I put that link there for Jean.

Comment 31

3 years ago
Created attachment 8599926 [details]
Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.24.08 AM.png

Looks beautiful!
Here is the tracking URL for the snippet link:
Please ignore Comment 32, here is the correct link for the surveillance snippet:

Comment 34

3 years ago
It's live here:

Andrea - I'll set up a Tableau sheet so you can see impressions real time.
I think I found an issue, the magnifying glass is not clickable, the image covers it.

I'm fixing it now.
This fixes the issue:

How possible is it to get that in, in time?
The above two comments are probably critical, I figured I should be safe and add a needinfo in case this gets missed.
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Comment 38

3 years ago
Hi Scott,
Thanks for flagging and catching that. I'm going to cc Giorgos to make sure he gets that fix squared away! He most likely won't get to it until Monday. But in the interim I'm going to leave the snippet running as most probably hit enter or the gray/blue search button (as opposed to the magnifying glass).
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Thanks Scott. I tested it and updated the template on production.
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I'm thinking we can close this ticket now.


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