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Switching Firefox to be the default browser does not update the UI to reflect so until after the dialog box is closed


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Steps to reproduce:

On OS X I opened the Preferences pane and clicked to set Firefox as the default browser.

Actual results:

OS X asked me to confirm the switch, I did, and Firefox became my default browser, but the message "Firefox is not your default browser" and the option to set it as default stayed in the window until I closed it.

Expected results:

The option should have gone away once Firefox became the default browser.
Component: Untriaged → Preferences
Works for me in Firefox 37.0.1 in Windows 7. It might be Mac-specific.

Could you please test the latest beta in a brand new profile? It features preferences in a tab rather than a window.
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I downloaded version 38 beta 3 and see the new Preferences window you mention.

The bug is still present. I'm on the latest OS X, version 10.10.3.

Here's a short video with too-loud clicking demonstrating the issue just in case:
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Severity: normal → S3
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