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Add a fast path to promises for being resolved with a promise


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Instead of taking the generic thenable path, I think we should be able to do better.
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There's actually an API question here, though.  I can expose the function as I did, or we can add a boolean-returning thing like PromiseBinding::IsThenMethod() which takes a JSObject* and does the checks under the hood.  Then the caller won't need to be aware of the promiseWrapper complexities...  Peter, do you have a preference between those?
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part 2.  Add a fast path for the case when a Promise is resolved with another Promise

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::: dom/promise/Promise.cpp
@@ +1190,5 @@
> +          NS_SUCCEEDED(UNWRAP_OBJECT(Promise, valueObj, nextPromise))) {
> +        // If we were taking the codepath that involves ThenableResolverTask and
> +        // PromiseInit below, then eventually, in ThenableResolverTask::Run, we
> +        // would create some JSFunctions in the compartment of
> +        // this->GetWrapper() an pass them to the PromiseInit. So by the time

Nit: s/an/and
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Talked to Peter.  We're going to set things up so we have a mozilla::dom::PromiseBinding::IsThen() method and a [MethodIdentityTestable] extended attr.
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Going to have to back this out once IT's tree-closing window ends, the tomfoolery in doesn't seem to like it, (which is Gu, gaia-unit, in, thanks for the utterly useless logs TaskCluster).
OK.  Dealing with trying to debug what gaia-unit-test is doing is just not worth it to me, given how painful it is to run locally.  If someone wants to take over this bug, please feel free to.
Assignee: bzbarsky → nobody
Actually, I think I know what's going on here.  The new code changed the ordering of promise callbacks in a way we apparently had no test for.  Fixing that makes Gu green on try.
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Patch on top of part 2 to fix the ordering issue

Review of attachment 8594424 [details] [diff] [review]:

Sorry, I should have caught the lack of async-ness in the first patch.
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