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Rename Animation to KeyframeEffect (and merge in AnimationEffect)


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Attached patch part 1 - Remove AnimationEffect (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Assignee: nobody → bbirtles
Just WIP at the moment. Still need:

  Part 3 - Add AnimationEffectReadonly as an abstract interface for KeyframeEffectReadonly
  Part 4 - Rename 'source' member of AnimationPlayer to 'effect'
Most of this is fairly obvious. However, the addition of 'override' to
ElementPropertyTransition::Name() is not strictly necessary. It was simply added
because while making these changes I accidentally dropped the 'virtual' keyword
from the method in the superclass and the compiler didn't complain. Adding this
will hopefully make it harder to create the same bug in the future.
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We define KeyframeEffectReadonly in KeyframeEffect.cpp since Web Animations also
defines KeyframeEffect and when we come to implement that I expect we'll define
it in the same class, maybe even using the same object.

This patch also adds a few missing includes in places where
KeyframeEffectReadonly is used so that we're not just cargo-culting it in.
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There are still some other references to "source" in AnimationPlayer such as
HasInPlayerSource and UpdateSourceContent. These are renamed in a subsequent
patch (that doesn't require DOM peer review).
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This patch also tightens up a one or two references to 'target effect' replacing
them with just 'effect'. This is because 'target effect' is longer and easily
confused with 'target element'. 'effect' should be sufficient. 'target element'
is a term from the Web Animations specification and in that context, simply
referring to the 'effect' would sound a little odd.
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This patch also replaces some tabs with spaces in KeyframeEffect.h because I was
in the area.

REVIEW: Please let me know if there's a more lightweight way of doing this.
Simply in order order to add this superinterface which does nothing I seem to
have to drop the native refcounting, inherit from nsISupports.

I ran into the same problem when adding AnimationTimeline as a superinterface of
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part 1 - Remove AnimationEffect

>+  void GetName(nsString& aRetVal) const {
{ goes to its own line

>+  // Alternative to GetName that returns a reference to the member for
>+  // more efficient internal usage.
>+  virtual const nsString& Name() const {
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part 2 - Rename Animation to KeyframeEffectReadonly
works too, and might be nicer than to add anything to Bindings.conf
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