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Enable encryption of room names once the server update is deployed


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I'm currently expecting that the server will be updated before we're ready to fully turn on context.

However, we should be able to turn on encryption for nightly users so that we can start getting testing and feedback on that.
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Whiteboard: [waiting on server 0.17.4 to be deployed]
Whiteboard: [waiting on server 0.17.4 to be deployed] → [context][waiting on server 0.17.4 to be deployed]
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This enables encryption for all the places we can - everywhere in guest mode, and opportunistic in FxA. Currently the patch depends on bug 1152761, so not requesting review yet as rebase may be necessary.
Depends on: 1159520
This applies on top of bug 1152761. The aim here is to only turn on encryption of room names, and not allow context just yet.

For guests, this will mean encryption for any new room or renamed room. For FxA we'll only encrypt if the user signs out and then back in again.

Once we fix the remaining bugs, we can flip the pref to turn context on.
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Enable encryption of Loop room context data.

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Nice, cleanup FTW!
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Ok, I've re-verified this without the test_looprooms_encryption_in_fxa.js changes (the dependency on bug 1152761), and it all looks fine, so I'm going to reland this patch. I can then look into the other bug next week.
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