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Email body is not loading in webmail due to overly deep tag nesting


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Steps to reproduce:

Email body /content is not loading. Any other browser I am able to see the body and content but same is not showing up in Firefox 37.0.1 .

It was loading earlier fine. Stopped after upgrading to the latest version of FF.

Actual results:

Email didn't load.

Expected results:

Email should have loaded.
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Maybe cache issue.

In addition, try to remove the cookies from Gmail.

If that doesn't work, could you test with a fresh profile:
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This is happening in multiple users where we are sending emails and everyone reporting saying the same that they are not able to see email.i myself checked clearing cache and cookies too.  If needed I can send the email in your email Id and you can check in different browsers. Let me know f that will help.
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My email address is in my nickname here.
Sent you an email
I see that with Yahoo Mail:
Is it normal?

If yes, is the issue only with Gmail?
Correct this is the issue I was mentioning.. you can see the body of the email if u open in different browser lets say chrome. I sent you the email in Yahoo account, right? Do you want me to send any other email I'd?
This is not normal. It has a bpdy which is visible in other browsers when opened the samE mail.
Indeed, with IE11, I can see the rest of the message:
With FF37, I'm able to see the message when I want to print it.
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Yes,  we are also facing the same. In print the whole content is visible even in ff37 also.
Loic or Jaya, can you send me the mail in question please?
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Sent you the email. 

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The mail has a ton of unclosed elements around the actual content.  When viewed in webmail, the nesting depth of that plus the webmail UI is high enough that our parser starts dropping things from the document to avoid out-of-stack recursion crashes.
Flags: needinfo?(epinal99-bugzilla2)
Summary: Email body is not loading → Email body is not loading in webmail due to overly deep tag nesting
Whiteboard: DUPEME
Is this check newly introduced?  This same email content is being used from more than 4 months but never happened this. The issue appearing with recent version onlym
> Is this check newly introduced? 

Not as far as I know.  I just tried Firefox 20 with the mail you sent me (viewed in gmail) and I see the same issue.  And the same thing with Firefox 4.
Moving to p3 because no activity for at least 1 year(s).
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