Firefox freezes / hangs when clicking on key with having to parse large data in Storage Inspector

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(Reporter: human.peng, Assigned: jsnajdr)


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Steps to reproduce:

Install Firebug, because Firefox's built-in dev tools can't modiefy value of localstorage.
Open a website (for example, ).
Open Firebug's DOM tool, search for "LocalStorage".
Modify any key's value to (this particular one is what I encounter on a website)
Open developer tools. Check "Storage" in options.
Open "Storage", locate to Local Storage.
Find a key you just modified. Click on it.

Actual results:

Firefox freezes. 

I wait for minutes, it doesn't recover. I forcefully closed it, with this crash report:

Expected results:

It shouldn't freeze. I tried some other text for value like 15K of Lorem ipsums, but it doesn't trigger the bug. I tried only use half of the text I provided above, it doesn't tirgger the bug either. I don't know why. But what I provided can reproduce the bug on newest Nightly.


4 years ago
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4 years ago
Version: 38 Branch → 40 Branch

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4 years ago
I feel like we should just use JSON.parse to parse stuff here.
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Summary: Firefox freezes / hangs when clicking on key with certain large data in LocalStorage → Firefox freezes / hangs when clicking on key with having to parse large data in Storage Inspector
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4 years ago
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3 years ago
Firefox freezes when trying to parse the value as a key-value list with key-value delimiter "=" and pair delimiter "&", when matching the following regexp at [1]:


The value reported by the reporter is a 18383 bytes long string with following structure:

6209bytes = 1498bytes = 1100bytes = 2798bytes = 1792bytes & 1882bytes = 3019bytes & 78bytes

The regexp matches very well until near the end, where it fails to find a match with the "=" character after the last "&". This leads to runaway exponential backtracking as described in [2].

The regexp is badly designed: it contains nested repetition operators, and one string can be matched in several ways:
1. Because "&*" matches empty string, "a=bcd=e" can be matched as ["a=", "&*", "bcd=e"], ["a=b", "&*", "cd=e"], etc.
2. Because of the "=+" clause, "a==b" can be matched as ["a=", "&*", "=b"], ["a==b", "&*"], etc.

The solution is to redesign the regexp so that everything can be matched only in one way. The attached fix does exactly that.

The fix changes the behavior of the parsing in two ways:
1. "a==b&c==d" is no longer parsed as object - only one "=" delimiter is allowed. The previous behavior had a bug where this string would be parsed as object with empty values: {a:"", c:""}, because of the array deconstruction at [3]. Repeated pair delimiters "a=b&&&c=d" are not allowed, too.
2. Arrays with empty field at the start are allowed. "#a#b#c" wasn't detected as array before, now it's detected as ["", "a", "b", "c"].

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3 years ago
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Firefox freezes when parsing large data in Storage Inspector.

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r+ assuming a green try.
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