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Need tests for DataChannel expansion of number of channels


(Core :: WebRTC: Networking, defect, P4)




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firefox40 --- affected


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We should add a test for DataChannels for forcing DataChannels to increase the number of channels.  Also it should test pre-negotiated channels, and a pre-negotiated channel forcing the number of channels to increase.

I think we once had tests that bumped the number of channels above the old default (16); that seems to have been lost somewhere (long ago).  The new limit is 256 (i.e. it'll renegotiate above 128 channels created by one side).  You can check the channel id to loop creating channels until the ondatachannel gives a channel above 256 (and then pass a message over it).  For pre-negotiated, create a channel < 256, verify it works (this is already there in CREATE_NEGOTIATED_CHANNEL), then create a channel >256 and verify it works.
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