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Lower the priority of Gecko thread Looper messages


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Right now, for every loop of the main Gecko thread event loop, we pump the Looper message loop once. This effectively gives Looper messages the same priority as Gecko events. Considering we only need to process Looper messages in rare cases, I think we are pumping the message loop unnecessarily. Moving the PumpMessageLoop call to nsAppShell::ProcessNextNativeEvent would reduce unnecessary calls.
Call pumpMessageLoop only when we don't have other events, rather than with every iteration of the event loop. I don't think it will have that big of an effect, but it's nice to have.
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I also took some time to optimize pumpMessageLoop a bit. Before, C++ was calling pumpMessageLoop in Java through JNI, but pumpMessageLoop has to go back and call getNextMessageFromQueue in C++ through JNI again. This patch makes us cache the necessary Java references in AndroidBridge, so that we only have to cross the JNI boundary once.
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Give Gecko thread Looper low priority (v1)

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I think Flash was (is) the only thing that ever used the Looper on the Gecko thread, but this seems fine.
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Backed out for various Android test failures. was permafailing since this landed. There were failures in other chunks that looked related as well.
Various IPC crashes on debug builds too. Basically, make sure it's very green on Try before attempting to land again :)
Added AndroidBridge null-check.
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