Location label should read all punctuation with VoiceOver when it contains URL




4 years ago
4 years ago


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Steps to reproduce:

Let VoiceOver read contents of the location label when it is displaying a URL (and e.g. not the "Search or enter address" placeholder).

Actual results:

VoiceOver reads the URL without punctuation with the default VoiceOver Punctuation setting of "Some".

Expected results:

VoiceOver reads the URL with all punctuation no matter what the user set in their Punctuation setting.

Comment 1

4 years ago
No longer sure it is that a good idea, as the URL would end up being too verbose with all the slashes and hyphens and periods that a normal user does not care about (and if they do, they will spell it using Characters rotor), and would make it less comprehensible (URLs usually do contain user-comprehensible words like article title words). Also in English (US), VoiceOver reads "period" instead of "dot" (in Czech, it reads the correct term btw.). Maybe make punctuation spoken only for the host part of the URL (the domain) and not the path part. Still leaving it open though, to have a sleep or two on this.
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4 years ago
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