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Context in conversation errors are not displayed correctly on the standalone UI


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40.3 - 11 May
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When I implemented bug 1142588, I changed the structure of the StandaloneRoomContextView and how the css worked. At the same time, I failed to update the parts for the failure messages, so they now display badly (see attached).
This fixes the issue, the errors are now displayed in the right place & are white.

You can test by setting loop.contextInConverations.enabled to true, restarting, and then generating a new conversation. The conversation url should have a # section, which can be altered or removed to show the error message.
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Context in conversation errors are not displayed correctly on the standalone UI.

Following discussion earlier, I'm updating this patch
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Updated as per the meeting earlier today - the room failure messages are no longer displayed on the UI.

However, since we've got them translated etc, I'm dumping them to the console for now. If we do get into situations where we're not sure why it isn't working, then we should have a way of telling. If later we decide we really do want the messages back, then they aren't far away and we can either restore them or adjust as necessary.
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Don't show errors for context in conversations on the standalone UI as they may force the user into an unnecessary re-obtaining of the URL.

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Looks good to me; r=dmose
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Note: I landed it with a minor change to tests - I realised they were expecting the errors to be displayed, so I swapped them to checking that console.error was being logged.
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