Autophone - device issues 2015-04-30 replace nexus-s-5



3 years ago
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3 years ago
Marcia reset nexus-s-5 in bug 1156293 but it is continuing to be a flaky device. We should have a number of spare nexus s devices. I'd like to replace nexus-s-5 with a spare and then recycle nexus-s-5.

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3 years ago
kbrosnan: do you remember if the spare nexus-s devices where rooted?

mschifer: you have the spare nexus s devices in the lab right?
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They should be rooted on boot. adb shell should give a root login. Else I have an image with the modifications to allow this.
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3 years ago
Note nexus-s-5 is throwing segmentation faults attempting to perform actions like dumpsys battery or am start. It definitely needs to go to recycling.

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3 years ago
wifi:              enable wifi. If the signal is sufficient, I will
                   configure wpa_supplicant.
sound:             silent
display:           turn off auto rotate
                   turn down the brightness to the lowest setting
screen timeout:    1 minute
location:          turn off gps
applications &     turn on unknown sources
development:       turn on android debugging
                   stay awake
                   turn off protect sdcard if it is enabled.
accounts&sync:     turn off background data and auto-sync
superuser:         Superuser app preferences changed to automatically allow su
                   requests; not log requests; no notifications

This may not have superuser. If not, that's ok.

Please record the serialno from adb get-serialno here and put a label nexus-s-6 on the back.
Replaced with spare phone from lab stock, configured and labeled as nexus-s-6
Old phone removed and returned to service desk to be removed from inventory.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 6

3 years ago
serialno 3630C09F212000EC
setup wpa_supplicant.conf
installed sutagent and watcher

back filled b2g-inbound from 2015-04-30T03:56:20

/me crosses fingers.
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