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Add support for emulating -webkit-transform-origin via CSS unprefixing service


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It seems fairly trivial to map -webkit-transform-origin to transform-origin via the CSS unprefixing service.

For non-svg content, we pass essentially the same tests at, which leads me to believe this would be pretty safe (that is, fix more than it would break). is one known site that will need this.
Daniel, if you think this seems OK I'd be happy to write a patch and some tests. WDYT?
Sounds good to me!
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Cool, will start on this tomorrow.
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(...For some value of "tomorrow")

I'm working on this now, but will wait until lands on m-c before uploading a patch for review.
Thanks! (& sorry if that commit bitrotted your patch)
Nah, have been busy poking at other things until now. No harm done.
Simple mapping of -webkit-transform-origin to transform-origin. 

We could get pretty creative with the testing, but I just added the two actual instances used in one of the top Japan sites this fixes for us. It seems to be the most common usage on GitHub as well [1].

Once we get to r+, I'll push to Try.

[1] <>
(just noticed I need a semicolon here):

>  width: 500px
Comment on attachment 8603434 [details] [diff] [review]

>+++ b/layout/style/test/unprefixing_service_iframe.html
>+  // -webkit-transform-origin: <value> maps directly to "transform-origin"
>+  { decl: "-webkit-transform-origin: 0 0",
>+   targetPropName: "transform-origin",
>+   expectedDOMStyleVal:  "0px 0px 0px",
>+   expectedCompStyleVal: "0px 0px" },

Nit: These 3 lines need 1 more space of indentation.

r=me with that
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(Is there any known difference in syntax between the prefixed & unprefixed versions in webkit-derived browsers, or are they just aliases as far as we know?)
Thanks for the review!

As far as I know, there are no reported differences between prefixed and unprefixed syntax. I spent a while trying to track things down on blogs, mailing lists and the Chromium bug tracker but didn't come up with anything. Nothing of note in the resources tab of caniuse [1] or Blink's intent to unprefix [2].

Addressed nits and carrying forward r+.

Let's see how Try feels about this:
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There's some timeouts and some e10s bc1 failure that seem entirely unrelated, so setting to checkin-needed.
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