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Spark Wallpapers


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Gonk (Firefox OS)


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2.2 S13 (29may)


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Attached are the new spark wallpapers. Can you make "Illus_Spark_Orbit@2.25x.jpg" the default wallpaper. I ran all the wallpapers through a JPG compressor.

And can you please exclude all the wallpapers with the prefix "FX_" & "Flat_" from these builds. Thanks!
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This will be using the Gaia customization framework, so I'm assigning it to Ted.
Assignee: drs → tclancy
Blocks: spark-build
No longer blocks: spark
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [spark]
Ted says he is getting busy with bidi things, so gonna take this one
Assignee: tclancy → dale
Hey David

The market customisation guides ( say a path can be used in settings.json for the wallpaper.image value, do you know how I can get that to work? I attempted |Illus_Spark_Orbit.jpg| or |wallpapers/Illus_Spark_Orbit.jpg| and neither value seemed to pick up.

Would really like to avoid using a data uri here if possible since it makes the file unusable / unweildy

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I know the wallpaper app and the wallpaper manager code in the system app, but not the build time code that sets the default or how the customization stuff works. Sorry I can't help.
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George, any ideas about or at least who I would ping?
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I think it's probably a bug which doesn't meet what MDN states.
you probably need to rename it as default.jpg
or transfer it as a data uri

or create a new method 'overrideWallper' in below , to transfer filePath to data uri (similar as what setWallpaper does)
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Awesome thanks George, worked great
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Due to may still need to flash twice for this to take effect
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Looks good, thanks.
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