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Prune users based on BMO activity


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We have over 300 000 users in the Review Board database.  It doesn't seem to be causing significant performance problems, but it is annoying when selecting reviewers, and it's unnecessary cruft, since the vast majority of them will never interact with MozReview.

I propose we change the user-mirroring code in MozReview to only retrieve BMO users that have had any activity in the past year.  If a user is inactive for a year but wants to use MozReview or be flagged for a review, they just have to do something in BMO first.

We'll need to prune the existing database as well.  We can remove all users that are not associated with any review requests and have their creation date equal to their last-activity date.  This will effectively wipe all inactive (on MozReview) users; users active on BMO within the last year will be mirrored back across as per usual.
Component: Extensions: MozReview → MozReview
Product: → Developer Services
We have too many P1s, so I'm spreading out the priorities.  P3 -> P4, P2 -> P3, and some portion of P1s will become P2.
Priority: P2 → P3
Product: Developer Services → MozReview
MozReview is now obsolete. Please use Phabricator instead. Closing this bug.
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