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Logins consumes an excessive amount of memory


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Steps to reproduce:

It seems to be incredibly memory intensive. Which is surprising given that the extension that provides the same functionality Mobile Password Manager[1] manages to do the same without freeing the entire device.

Blocks: 1121681
OS: Unspecified → Android
Hardware: Unspecified → ARM
Summary: Opening Logins brings whole system to its knees → Logins consumed an excessive amount of memory
Summary: Logins consumed an excessive amount of memory → Logins consumes an excessive amount of memory
When looking at the profile using WebIDE, I don't see any large jump in memory usage. I have ~150 passwords. It takes ~ 1sec to display the list.

Can you post logs, or something else, to give some insight into why you think memory usage is extreme?
Blocks: mobile-about-passwords
No longer blocks: 1121681
Normally memory usage is ~350mb when opening logins it shoots up to ~450mb
Bill and I set P4
Priority: -- → P4
My guess is that we're witnessing jank and memory usage from loading all the favicons.  Locally, this causes pain for me.
Things have improved dramatically here. I think we can mitigate many of the remaining performance issues here by simply removing the search filter and relying on "Find in Page"
Hi Paul,

Is this issue still reproducible?

Thank you!
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This is actually decent now.
Closed: 3 years ago
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Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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