Consider removing GeckoApp.ACTION_LOAD




4 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: mcomella, Unassigned, Mentored)


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It's really old (bug 713503 [1]) and doesn't seem to be used in the same way it used to be.

It currently appears to be used to open Youtube videos inside the local Fennec instance, however, I think we should use ACTION_VIEW with an explicit receiving Activity. Caveats:
  * An explicit receiving Activity may cause issue with the BrowserApp/GeckoApp disconnection - if we send to GeckoApp, will BrowserApp receive the Intent?
  * ACTION_VIEW may do more than we want it to do (meaning there are some side effects and/or it is less performant than we'd like). If that's the case, it should probably be cleaned up to allow this to happen.

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