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Reader Mode availability could be announced by accessibility


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Load webpage with Reader Mode available

Actual results:

Sighted user noticed reader mode button appeared.
VoiceOver user did not notice it, unless they took the effort to with VoiceOver cursor to the location bar.

Expected results:

Sighted user noticed reader mode button appeared.
VoiceOver user noticed availability of Reader Mode without any effort  as VoiceOver spoke announcement that Reader Mode is available (this is what Safari does).
Blocks: iosa11y
Blocks: 1160786
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Keywords: access
Assignee: nobody → dusek
I looked at this. The problem is that the order of these 2 events is not deterministic:

1. Reader Mode button state change
2. webView:didFinishNavigation: (where we post AXScreenChanged)

I.e. most of the time, 2. happens after 1., so we can pass AXScreenChanged the parameter to say that reader mode is available (when it is, as learned from the Browser's ReaderMode helper's state). But sometimes 2. happens before 1., which makes it unreliable.

So currently this is not reliably possible without some more involved tracking of state and of this actual order.

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