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Release marionette-driver 0.7 and marionette-client 0.13


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We need to release new versions of marionette-driver and marionette-client to pick up the changes from bug 1149618, before we can update gaiatest to not depend on SpecialPowers (bug 1150755).
try run to make sure this doesn't break Gip:
Dave, can you tell whether this would be harmless to on-device tests for B2G?
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The only changes in this bump are from bug 1149618.
Landing this will be harmless, however in the current state any new release of marionette-driver will be picked up by gaiatest (via an unpinned dependency in marionette-client). I suggest pinning marionette-driver in gaiatest, releasing, and then bumping the pinned dependency at the same time as landing the necessary changes. That said, if there are no backwards incompatible changes to marionette-driver, a release will also be harmless.
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I just tested in-tree marionette-driver with PyPI's latest marionette-client and in-tree gaiatest (which is the combination Jenkins would run if marionette-driver was released now) and had the following failure:

TEST-UNEXPECTED-ERROR | TestDeleteAllContacts.test_delete_all_contacts | JavascriptException: JavascriptException: TypeError: Components.classes is undefined
	execute_script, line 676
	inline javascript, line 1097
	src: "  _accRetrieval: Components.classes["
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/dhunt/.virtualenvs/gaiatest-master/lib/python2.7/site-packages/marionette/", line 277, in run
  File "/Users/dhunt/workspace/gaia/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/tests/functional/contacts/", line 13, in setUp
  File "/Users/dhunt/workspace/gaia/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/", line 852, in setUp
  File "/Users/dhunt/workspace/gaia/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/", line 887, in cleanup_gaia
  File "/Users/dhunt/workspace/gaia/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/", line 676, in turn_screen_off
    ret = self.marionette.execute_script("window.wrappedJSObject.ScreenManager.turnScreenOff(true)")
  File "/Users/dhunt/workspace/mozilla/mozilla-central/testing/marionette/driver/marionette_driver/", line 1452, in execute_script
  File "/Users/dhunt/workspace/mozilla/mozilla-central/testing/marionette/driver/marionette_driver/", line 36, in _
    return func(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/Users/dhunt/workspace/mozilla/mozilla-central/testing/marionette/driver/marionette_driver/", line 711, in _send_message
  File "/Users/dhunt/workspace/mozilla/mozilla-central/testing/marionette/driver/marionette_driver/", line 747, in _handle_error
    raise errors.lookup(status)(message, stacktrace=stacktrace)
TEST-INFO took 49890ms
Yes, I'll make a patch to pin marionette-driver in gaiatest, then after _that_ lands, I'll do these version bumps.
Depends on: 1162131
Ok, gaiatest is pinned, so landing/releasing this shouldn't cause any problems.
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(In reply to Jonathan Griffin (:jgriffin) from comment #9)

whoops, wrong bug!
FTR, I'm going to release these to PyPI on Monday, in case there is unexpected bustage for out-of-tree tests.
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