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Show all tabs doesn't work in permanent private mode


(Firefox :: Private Browsing, defect)

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Build ID: 2015040300

Steps to reproduce:

Open a bunch of tabs in Firefox, enough to fill the entire tab bar and then some, so that the little "↓" sort of icon should appear.

Actual results:

The little "↓" sort of icon does appear, if you're lucky. But it doesn't have a list of all open tabs, which was sort of the purpose of it. All it does have is two rather useless options:

1. Group tabs (I clicked on that one out of desperation and now I have some idiotic, pointless window which simply won't close, but that's another story and I'm not doing a bug on it because I just don't care about that "feature").

2. Undo close tab (which btw doesn't work either, as per bug #1163010)

Expected results:

I would have loved to see a list of all the tabs that I had open, and which btw have now disappeared irreversibly since I clicked on that **** "Group Tabs" thing.

PS: Do you have any paid QA people at all? Do they have any test plans that use permanent private browsing? Or am I going to get the "but 97.38596% of our users..." twaddle? Ta.
Component: Untriaged → Private Browsing
Interesting; I assume the relevant code here is the popupshowing handler in (as part of the tabbrowser-alltabs-popup binding), but I don't see any smoking gun for this behaviour. It would be good to step through this in a debugger, or at least add some debug output showing how many tabs are reported by gBrowser.visibleTabs.
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Hello. I am new to Open source programming. Is this bug still open? If so i would like to try my hand at working on this. Thanks you.

The first step would be to see if you can reproduce the behaviour described in comment 0. To enable permanent private browsing mode, open the Firefox preferences, go to the Privacy & Security tab, and scroll down to the History settings. Switch to Never Remember History and restart Firefox, and then try to replicate the incorrect behaviour.

Mentor: josh
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