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Steps to reproduce:

Open a bunch of tabs in Firefox, enough to fill the entire tab bar and then some, so that the little "↓" sort of icon should appear.

Actual results:

The little "↓" sort of icon does appear, if you're lucky. But it doesn't have a list of all open tabs, which was sort of the purpose of it. All it does have is two rather useless options:

1. Group tabs (I clicked on that one out of desperation and now I have some idiotic, pointless window which simply won't close, but that's another story and I'm not doing a bug on it because I just don't care about that "feature").

2. Undo close tab (which btw doesn't work either, as per bug #1163010)

Expected results:

I would have loved to see a list of all the tabs that I had open, and which btw have now disappeared irreversibly since I clicked on that **** "Group Tabs" thing.

PS: Do you have any paid QA people at all? Do they have any test plans that use permanent private browsing? Or am I going to get the "but 97.38596% of our users..." twaddle? Ta.


4 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Private Browsing
Interesting; I assume the relevant code here is the popupshowing handler in (as part of the tabbrowser-alltabs-popup binding), but I don't see any smoking gun for this behaviour. It would be good to step through this in a debugger, or at least add some debug output showing how many tabs are reported by gBrowser.visibleTabs.
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