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Implement gmp-clearkey decoder for Mac


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The current gmp-clearkey implementation only provides decoding capabilities on Windows.
We need to implement decoding on Mac.
I think it's ok to limit this to software decoding only, and only for recent versions of MacOSX.

The point of this is so that Adobe can integrate this code into their CDM and switch between this and their decoder, in order to quickly test whether there's a bug in their decoder. And so that we exercise the same GMP API on MacOSX as Adobe will with their CDM.
Unlike DXVA; there's *zero* extra work to make the Apple VT decoder work with hardware decoding. The interface is the same, and so is the output object, it's just a bit to set to 1.
Priority: -- → P2
Component: Video/Audio → Video/Audio: Playback
Gerald, is this bug about more than just supporting ClearKey on Mac? Do we still need this?
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It was supposed to be an example of a decrypting&decoding GMP on Mac, which could have been useful for other parties to know what to do on Mac. But given the state of the land, I believe it is not really needed; we can decrypt on Mac, and decoding is handled directly by Firefox using the MAC OS X decoders.
I'd suggest moving it to P5.
Flags: needinfo?(gsquelart)
Priority: P2 → P5

De-assigning myself from A/V bugs/tasks that I most probably won't touch anymore, so that someone else may have a look.

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