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3 years ago
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Firefox Tracking Flags

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3 years ago
Be able to run a query across multiple trees at once and get a union of the results. Question to answer: how do we organize the results? Sort by tree? Sort by path? Something else?

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3 years ago
MXR can't do this. (The motivation was probably to search all the different build:* trees, which, on MXR, are rolled into a single tree to allow all-at-once searching. This doesn't need to be a blocker, though.)
No longer blocks: 1097091
Technically MXR *does* do this, but only because it has glimpse running on the parent directory to all of the checkouts. Build is the most obvious one, because we've been told/asked about it, but there are others: projects-central, offhand, but probably everything that's *-central. Whether or not that's actually useful for any given group *besides* build/* is another matter.

I have a probable workaround in the pipeline to test, though, that does the same thing, so I agree that it need not be a blocker to have it within DXR itself.
confirming that I have a workaround that, uh, works.

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3 years ago
gtk! What is this wonderment?
check out all of the subtrees and index normally, then have a special jenkins job that runs an index from the parent directory. the parent only gets run on a set schedule, rather than being tied to any of the child SCM polling, but that's the same as MXR. as a bonus, you can then decide to search either the parent (and all children) or just a specific child, which I don't think MXR let's you do atm. otoh, it's doubling the index size for a given tree. can't win 'em all. :-)

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3 years ago
Holy moly. And, of course, that's going to give you only text-search capability, not structural. I'm inclined to hold off on that until somebody asks for it.
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