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Login form remebered the details, email and pass. The reset password form autofills the first password field

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Steps to reproduce:

It's an angular web app. Password manager saved email and password entries from Clicked to reset the password at  

Actual results:

The reset password form gets filled with the saved password (only the first field, not the repeat password field), even when autocomplete is set to off and I cannot disable the autofill without deleting the saved password from the password manager.

Expected results:

The reset password form which has two password fields should not be autofilled.

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4 years ago
autocomplete="off" has no effect on password and username fields starting with Firefox 38.
You can revert this behavior by setting signon.storeWhenAutocompleteOff to false in about:config.

You can prevent password autofill by setting signon.autofillForms to false in about:config. You then have to either double-click the username field, or type in the first letter of the username, then select the username from the list.
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