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Flickering/transparency on hover of buttons in Pocket Logged Out panel


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See this video for a clearer explanation:

This video was captured on FF 38.0.5, Beta as of today. Mac 10.10.3

When mousing over the buttons in the Logged Out panel, every now and then the panel/buttons flicker. You'll notice that the "flicker" is actually the buttons/panel disappearing and showing the webpage underneath them.

Odd one, assuming this is a deeper browser issue than the actual panel code?
I'm not sure if this is a platform issue with panels on Windows or if it is a graphics issue. Flagging needinfo to people who know more than I do about those areas.
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Stepped through the video to see what the flashing looked like... Attached is a screenshot.

Looks to me like it's a transparent hole in the panel, showing whatever's underneath in the window.

Wonder if we should make the panel opaque. Although that wouldn't fix the flashing itself.

But if the buttons are disappearing, maybe this hints at what's causing it.
Blocks: Pocket
I have a hard time reproducing this (furiously scrubbing over the buttons, I get a slight flicker maybe once every 5-10 seconds).
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Well if we can reproduce this on two platforms, it's not platform graphics and it's not widget. I'd suggest getting soft  vision this to try to find str.
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Closing old needinfo requests...
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