The devtools zoom hijacks the browser zoom keyboard shortcuts



4 years ago
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4 years ago
We had a discussion on IRC today with shorlander.
Stephen's point was that it seemed unexpected that devtools would hijack the browser zoom shortcuts. It's very easy for a user not to know what is currently focused: the browser content or the the devtools frame, and therefore it's easy to expect the zoom in/out shortcuts to work no matter what you ended up focusing last.

Being able to zoom the devtools content is important, just as setting a custom font-size in your code editor is, but it's the kind of things you do once at the beginning. So we could:
- add an setting in the devtools settings panel
- and have a more complex keyboard shortcut
instead of hijacking cmd/ctrl +-0

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4 years ago
It was also discussed that in the browser toolbox or detached (window-host) toolbox, since those are a separate windows, the usual browser zoom bindings should still work.
I argue against changing the shortcuts for consistency and discoverability reasons.
In Firebug we explicitly used Ctrl/Cmd + +/-/0 for this reason. And as far as I remember there were no complaints that they conflict with the browser zoom shortcuts.

Also, this problem will be mitigated/solved when shortcuts are configurable (bug 1116951).



9 months ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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