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Publish information concerning SeaMonkey e.V.


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On our new Donation page <> a "SeaMonkey e.V." is mentioned. 

Additional information will be required like
a) Members?
b) Goals? Projects?
c) statutes?
d) finances, use of donations?
e) how to become a member?

I doubt that many people will donate for an organization what is completely unknown and for what no information is available.
Some of that is probably hidden in the "About" page already, but certainly more specifics would be useful. Another issue (f) is whether or not contributions are tax deductible in which country. While Mozilla is incorporated in the U.S. as an IRC 501(c)(3) organization and thus donations are deductible, that's probably not the case for a EU-based organization (and many may not know what "e.V." means).
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For reference,
(In reply to rsx11m from comment #2)
Ah, that's even more complex than I thought. for the moment I would like to focus on donations to SeaMonkey e.V. (the only possibility I know) with a Wiki page similar to your reference.  

Because it is a German club we should create a Wiki page in German language in parallel (I can do translation). I wonder whether there are any existing localization rules for the Wiki?
People do donate to that organization, but you are right, there is not enough (or any...) info on that organization. We will publish more information on SeaMonkey e.V. soon.
Hopefully still waiting ...

and what might be with 

SeaMonkey e.V.
Karl-Kronberger-Str. 10
95488 Eckersdorf
Freistaat Bayern
Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Amtsgericht Bayreuth VR 200531

? aquaristic interests?
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