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There's a border displayed around the Pocket panel if the button is placed in the menu ≡


(Firefox :: Pocket, defect, P5)

38 Branch



Tracking Status
firefox38.0.5 --- wontfix


(Reporter: avaida, Unassigned)



Reproducible on:
Beta 38.0.5b3-build1 (20150518141916)

Affected platforms:
Window 7 (x64), Mac OS X 10.9.5, Ubuntu 14.04 (x64)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Click menu [≡] → Customize.
2. Drag & drop the Pocket button from the toolbar (default location) to the menu panel → click [Exit Customize].
3. Click menu [≡] → Pocket. Check the UI of the Pocket panel.

Expected result:
The panel shown by the Pocket button while placed in the menu panel, is displayed properly, without any UI issues or glitches.

Actual result:
A border of about 2px is displayed around the panel, across platforms:
* Windows:
* Linux: 
* Mac:

Additional notes:
* This issue affects both the sign-up/sign-in panel and the confirmation panels displayed by Pocket.
Priority: -- → P5
I couldn't reproduce this, and I suspect things have changed significantly enough to make the STRs above not applicable anymore, specifically "Pocket button from the toolbar (default location)" in step 2 didn't seem to be available to me.

The pocket button is now in the awesome bar and I think that change has made this issue invalid now.

If this is still an issue, feel free to refile this with updated STRs, or reopen this with updated STRs to help me better understand any existing issue :)
Closed: Last year
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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