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Disable Breakpad INFO logging


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Breakpad's INFO logging level prints lots of:

No module at 0x0000 

messages when the stack walker gets invoked, possibly via the hang monitor.

These messages don't seem offer any value, so it would be good to hide them so more important console logs are easy to find.
Ted, is there an approach that you'd recommend here?  I could add a BPLOG_INFO_DISABLED define or something.
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What I *really* want is to rip the Breakpad stack walking code out of the client (bug 1069558), but you should be able to do something like what Breakpad's Mac unit tests do:

You probably want to use something that just dumps the logs on the floor though instead of a stringstream like that.
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/r/9161 - Bug 1166964 - Disable Breakpad INFO logging. r=ted

Pull down this commit:

hg pull -r be0c80e8f884fd5bcd5ba021bdb518df2de6eb1b
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Thanks for the patch!
Ryan, when do you think you can get your patch landed?
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(In reply to Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) from comment #7)
> Ryan, when do you think you can get your patch landed?

Hopefully soon!  I had to fix a Mac build issue, so I'll request another review for the updated version now.
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Ted, the only additional change here is adding USE_LIBS: "breakpad_logging" to toolkit/crashreporter/client/ for the client to compile (on Try it only mattered for Mac, so I only added it there).

I wasn't sure if it was required to be a static lib like the others, so another review seemed best.
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MozReview Request: Bug 1166964 - Disable Breakpad INFO logging. r=ted

Ship It!
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Thanks for getting it fixed. Logs are much cleaner now! Verified with latest Nightly builds on all 3 major platforms.
This debug logging was not present in 38.0.1esr but it showed up in 38.1.0esr.

Can you guys generate a 38.1.1esr with it turned off?


This is not the sort of thing we'd spin a new build for. I'm not sure why it would show up in 38.1 when it wasn't present in 38.0, I suspect you just hit a condition in 38.1 that manifested this bug. This is fixed for Firefox 41, it's unlikely that we'd backport this patch to any earlier release.
You are right. The bug for our situation is triggered when moving from some version of Firefox to 38.1.0 ESR.

Now that the profile that I'm using has been moved to 38.1.0ESR, there is no longer any of this debugging. If it only happens when changing I change versions then the issue is minor.

I'm looking forward to the release of 45 ESR. Have a nice day!

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