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Reinstate creationDate in OS.File.Info


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Steps to reproduce:

Based on this old bug (1) and new bug (2)

(1) resulted in deprecation of creationDate
(2) is trying to bring macBirthDate to frontend, and also in a comment in this bug it was found that newer file systems on unix do have creation date as mentioned in this comment: which links to Stackoverflow here:

Expected results:

So I was thinking we bring back creationDate, but if Window we set this value to that of winBirthDate, if osx then we set it to that of macBirthDate, and if unix we set it based on the filesystem and as outlined in the stackoverflow topic linked. If it is an older unix file system then we should set this to null meaning not available, and update the docs informing users that on older unix file systems there is absolutely no way to get a creation date (i didnt know this and went on a wild goose hunt and came up with nothing until i found out it was not possible)

what do you think?
Component: Untriaged → OS.File
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
I'm thinking when we setup OS.Constants.libc offsets we detect the filesystem there right? Based on the filesystem we set what field the creationTime is in, and if that fileSystem does not have it we just dont set that offset const in OS.Constants.libc
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