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Custom highlighter test should wait for show request to finish


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Bug 1161072 highlighter that tests related to custom highlighter (css transform for ex)
are not waiting for request to finish before proceeding to the following test.
We should wait for this request to finish, and ideally assert it is successfull!
(That we actually tried to show the highlighter and not bailed out in various if (xxx) return; there is in this codepath!)
Assignee: nobody → poirot.alex
The two tests that are failing in bug 1161072 are:

I'll just correct these two, but there may be some others silently failing!
Attached patch patch v2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review

I could have used waitForHighlighterEvent and check if the actors were
dispatching shown/hidden events, but it is better to ensure that 
the frontend code, HighlightersOverlay correctly calls
and that the actor reports that it actually managed to show the highlighter.

I had to tweak browser_styleinspector_transform-highlighter-03.js
and used regular *async* promises for mocks which makes the tests sligthly more real.
This test is still listening for events on the actor, but it would be great if we could come up
with similar changes for highlighters hidding.
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patch v2

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I like this a lot, and I have no concerns about the code changes except for one general thing: you're adding a return value to a protocol.js actor method, this means the signature of the method changes. Now, I have never tested this particular use case yet, but I'm concerned if you connect a toolbox with this patch to an older firefox/b2g/whatever then protocol.js will complain about it. Can you give it a try if you haven't so far? If it's a problem, then we'll need some backward compatibility handling in HighlightersOverlay.
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Right, I missed that!
protocol.js was complaining and stopped doing that by using nullable:boolean...
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patch v3

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Looks good now.
I'll try to keep the nullable trick in mind, it might come in handy in the future when modifying existing methods.
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