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Propagate @dir from body to html element


(Core :: Layout, defect)

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According to dbaron in bug 817406 comment 32 the CSSWG has decided
how direction should be propagated from body to html/viewport.
I haven't found any minutes yet that describes what was decided though.
From the CSSWG meeting minutes:

  - RESOLVED: No propagation of 'direction' from body to html,
              propagate dir attr with `html:not([dir]):has(>body:dir(
              rtl)) { direction: rtl; }, back out if web compat
  - RESOLVED: writing-mode and direction need to have the same
              propagation behavior, so writing-mode compat affects
              the previous resolution (which may be rescinded)
Summary: Propagate @dir from body to html element, or perhaps 'direction'? → Propagate @dir from body to html element
I think we need :has() to implement what the CSSWG suggested above.
Depends on: 418039
No, this should be done via the attribute mapping code anyway, so we don't.
No longer depends on: 418039
Also see bug 1071098 about propagation from root to ICB/canvas.
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