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This is ~160 lines of incredibly old crufty code that was causing me some grief today. Grepping for users, we have 5 tests using it. Two users are actual tests that are adding arguable value, although not a great deal of it. On the other hand, three are from fuzz bugs where adding a new GC feature broke countHeap. CountHeap is demonstrably not worth the maintenance effort of retaining and should be removed accordingly.
I would guess that some uses of countHeap could probably be replaced with finalizeCount().

That's for asserting that something *was* finalized. I suppose for asserting that something was not finalized, you could use it as a key in a WeakMap and then use nondeterministicWeaqkMapKeys()?

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I think CountHeap's problem is not conceptual, it is just the interface. CountHeap's contract is something like: for the subgraph a->b for any a or all roots if not a to any b or all edges if not b, return edge counts grouped by AAAAAAAHHHHH. I'm sure its a swell tool if you're smart enough to use it. Unfortunately that set is Jeff and Niko. Note that that set does not include the interface's author.

I've added a new mechanism, hasChild(parent, child), that returns true iff child is a child of parent. This seems to handle the only useful test using it. The other test is a leak check for Watchpoints that I'm more than happy to just drop.
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::: js/src/tests/js1_8/extensions/regress-394709.js
@@ -45,5 @@
> -    throw "A leaky watch point is detected";
> -
> -  function runtest () {
> -    var obj = { b: 0 };
> -'b', watcher);

It would be pretty easy to switch this over to finalizeCount()/makeFinalizeObserver():

  var obj = { b: makeFinalizeObserver() };

and replacing countHeap() with finalizeCount(). I guess I'd rather you do that, assuming it works. If it's any trouble, I'm fine with dropping the test.
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