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mobile browsers should provide some ways to show title attribute value


(Core :: Layout: Block and Inline, defect)

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# I'm not sure which is exactly a good product and component.

I've worried about this issue which mobile browsers don't show title attribute since I met a mobile browser first time.

Typically, mobile browsers are operated by touch screen, so, :hover state is not available in actual scenarios.

However, now, we get a new way, ruby annotation. So, cannot we use it? Or do you have better idea?

I think that at least title attribute of <abbr> should be displayed as ruby text on mobile browsers.

I have no ideas for <dfn> and other elements whose title attribute doesn't have specific meaning. Especially when a block level element has it.
In Latin alphabets, <abbr>'s title attribute would be longer (potentially many times longer) than the text inside the tag, so displaying it as ruby text would really break up the flow of the text. On Safari on iOS, you can tap and hold on a link to see the title or alt text at the top of a context menu. Not sure if something similar would make sense on Android.
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