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Clarify or remove "Edit email" feature


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What feature should be changed? Please provide the URL of the feature if possible.
In the Edit Your Profile page (<username>/edit), there is a link "Edit email" link, which opens an "Email addresses" page ( This page displays the user's "primary" email address, and provides an option to add another email address; if an additional email address is provided, it is displayed.

There is no explanation of:
* the meaning of a "primary" email address
* the benefit of adding other email addresses
* the relationship of these email addresses to authentication

There is also no way to change the primary email address.

The page should more clearly explain how and why it should be used. If there is no user benefit to this page, the link should be removed from the Edit Your Profile page. If changing a user's primary email address must be done by an admin, then it would be better to replace the link to this page with one that opens an Account Help bug.

What problems would this solve?
User confusion about email addresses associated with their account, and how to change them.

Who would use this?
Users who want to change the email address associated with their account.

What would users see?
To be determined.

What would users do? What would happen as a result?
To be determined.

Is there anything else we should know?
I think we need a quick test in staging to understand the implications of changing/adding primary and secondary email addresses from both persona and github auth sources. What should happen? What is happening? Should something different happen, or should we just explain it better?
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hi @jcrawford i have time and want to try to my first contribute here, and i think i can try to fix, or analyze it first what every email purpose and what effect of change the email. how about that?
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Yoga, that's great. I suggest the following:

1) Set up a shared document (a google doc or an etherpad would work).
2) Identify all the states your profile could be in -- for example, persona only, github only, both.
3) Build a test account in the staging instance for each of those states.
4) Write a narrative (or do a screencast) about changing the email address for each test account. What happened? Did the same thing happen for all systems? Was it what you expected, or (as a user) did you expect something else to happen? 
5) Post a link to that analysis here.

If you wish, you can use this exercise to make a recommendation about this bug. Or you can simply share the results here; in that case I will be glad to review and make a recommendation based on your findings.

Then we'll know what should be done next!

Thank you.
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