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Collapse "Tracking" section when values are set to defaults (eg "---")


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(Reporter: emorley, Assigned: glob)


For bugs like bug 1098363, in modal view, the tracking section is expanded by default, but only displays:

Version: ---
Target: ---

I know these kind of things are subjective (so I won't be offended with a wontfix) - but it seems like one of these alternatives might be better:

1) Count default values (eg "---") as though they were empty. If all fields in "tracking" are "empty", then collapse the section.

2) Same as #1, but display the fields+values on the section row (eg like "(Reporter: emorley, Assigned: emorley)" is for the people section, when it's collapsed". Though this might look cluttered.

3) Remember people's preferences for whether the tracking section is opened or closed. Though I guess this might not work, since someone would expand it for one bug to edit it or take a look at the value, but might not want that remembered for all other bugs?

I guess I'd lean towards #1?
we already do #1, but for most products "unspecified" is the default version (treeherder one of only three products "---" as the default version).

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(In reply to Byron Jones ‹:glob› from comment #1)
> (treeherder one of only three products "---" as the default version).

Ah makes sense.
Happy to change Treeherder to use unspecified if you think the other components would be up for changing too, and so we could simplify things?
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