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Pressing alt in pop-up windows should open the menu toolbar


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Build ID: 20150321194901

Steps to reproduce:

Pressed alt in a popup, intending to allow cookies from that site (

Actual results:

The menu bar did not open, and I had to open the site in a new tab in the main window

Expected results:

The menu bar should have opened, so I could allow cookies on that site easily.
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> (

Are you sure that's the right site?
Edit | Preferences | Advanced - Scripts & Plugins => Browser

You may have a few items checkmarked (the last 3, by default) that may affect what you saw.

If you uncheck (some/all of) them, does the issue persist?
Effect is REPRODUCIBLE with EN-US SeaMonkey 2.33.1 (German Language pack)  Gecko/20100101 Build 20150321194901 (Default Theme) on German WIN7 64bit:

1. In browser open <>
2. Click 'Sign in with  → Persona'
   » Persona dialog opens
3. <Alt>
   » nothing happens, no Menu bar becomes visible

I tried all the same with all unchecked due to Comment 1: nothing happens in step 3, no Menu bar becomes visible.

a) I do not know what intended behavior might be.
b) Same behavior in FF 38.0.1 (I did not play with preferences)
c) Same behavior in IE11
d) Looks more like an enhancement request?

Does your comment mean that you get a menu toolbar with <alt>?
Severity: normal → enhancement
> @therube:
> Does your comment mean that you get a menu toolbar with <alt>?

No. At the time I didn't understand the STR to even test.
With your STR, no, the <alt> key does not get me to the menus.

FF 38 reacts the same.

Sometimes "blind typing" (Alt+F+O == File | Open) works, but not in case.

And still not sure that this is a bug, or just webpage coding blocking particular key actions?  (But then I was wrong about a similar thought before ;-).  See Bug 1161918.)
Had a(nother) thought ...

filter on: dom.disable*false
toggle everything that shows to 'true'

With that, you get a full set of working toolbars.
I'll leave it to others to figure which specific Pref gets you what ;-).

Don't know what the consequences of doing that might be, but ...
Blocks: 1153577
Patch in Bug 1153577 will (probably) fix this.
No longer blocks: 1153577
Depends on: 1153577
(In reply to Philip Chee from comment #4)
> Patch in Bug 1153577 will (probably) fix this.

Not sure; I think popups might use a different hiding mechanism.
(In reply to from comment #5)
Patch does not help, but Bug 1153577 is concernigng something completely different: Menu bar hidden by menu 'View → Show/Hide'

The question is for what a menu bar in those cases should be useful (so that we have a RfE here). 

There might be other "popups" where it indeed might be useful to get a menu bar. If I remember correctly in the past <> for "online-franking" opened a new Window, what was a complete web page, but without Menu Bar (and also other bars missing). But it seems behavior has changed, currently they open a normal web page window. 

Please contribute a "real life example" where activating Menu Bar would bring benefit?
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Keywords: reproducible
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