Feature request: ping a Mozillian once a visitor has checked in via Peekaboo



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4 years ago
A feature request from Sarah Allen in the LON MozSpace:

"Hey- we have a peek-a-boo sign in service in london office and I was wondering if we could get this service to ping us when our guests arrive? The guest signs in and fills in a field requesting who they are visiting- then we receive an IRC ping, an email or some sort of notification that they have arrived. It would allow the mozillian to know straight away when guests arrive without having to keep checking the reception ( as its not always manned) - guest wouldnt have to sit in the reception hoping someone will come out soon to let them in. Is this possible?
Sarah "
That would be an awesome feature. I know that at Facebook HQ, when people come to visit, those people get an actual Facebook message as if it was a friend who messaged them :)

The challenge with this is that it's unclear how to type in who they're visiting. For example, we could ask visitors to type in the full email address. Tedius. Or their name, but what about Mike vs. Michael or perhaps people might type that they're visiting "potch" who is just a nickname for a guy called Matthew and isn't known as "potch" in our phonebook/LDAP. 

Another alternative would be for the host to register with Peekaboo that they're expecting someone around 10am and this host's name appear as a simple choice. Or that they're expecting a visit from someone called Lee. Then the guest wouldn't necessarily have to type in who they're visiting. 

I love the idea and I'll chat to the EAs here in MV to see what they think since I think they, in particular, host a lot of guests.


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3 years ago
This request is being closed, due to the move of WPR from Peekaboo to a new visitor management system and the shutdown of Peekaboo.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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