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Some frames are skipped during the transition while dragging an icon on the homescreen (even on high-end devices)


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(Reporter: jlorenzo, Assigned: kanru)



(Keywords: foxfood, perf, polish, Whiteboard: [spark][systemsfe][perf-wanted])


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Steps to reproduce
1. Move an icon while in Edit mode on the homescreen

You can see some frames skipped while the icon moves. From a device which can render some WebGL games at 60 fps on B2G, observing recurrent frame drops on the homescreen can hurt the user's impression of smoothness. 

See attached video for details.

Build info
Build ID               20150604030544
Gaia Revision          0b00f058eeee79a05345b793eb5efa19f166ab3f
Gaia Date              2015-06-03 21:20:31
Gecko Revision
Gecko Version          41.0a1
Device Name            aries
Firmware(Release)      4.4.2
Firmware(Incremental)  eng.worker.20150604.025108
Firmware Date          Thu Jun  4 02:51:16 UTC 2015
Bootloader             s1
Attachment #8615941 - Attachment description: Icon position jaggy - video → Jaggy icon position - video
Whiteboard: [spark] → [spark][systemsfe]
Keywords: polish
This seems like a regression to me, I'm certain it wasn't this bad before, at least not on a Flame... Likelihood the background colour fade is killing performance here. New homescreen is superior in this regard at the moment (and hopefully we can keep it that way).
Keywords: foxfood
Keywords: dogfood
Whiteboard: [spark][systemsfe] → [spark][systemsfe][perf-wanted]
Assignee: nobody → kanru
tracking-b2g: --- → +
Assignee: kanru → kchen
Mass update: Resolve wontfix all issues with legacy homescreens.

As of 2.6 we have a new homescreen and having these issues open is confusing. All issues will block bug 1231115 so we can use that to re-visit any of these if needed.
Blocks: 1231115
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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