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Reflect local vs remote visits in Top Sites


(Firefox for iOS :: Home screen, defect)

iOS 8
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Robin thinks we should never show non-local history. 

That doesn't speak to how we should calculate frecency -- do we include remote visits? Do we downweight them?

Regardless, the overall thrust of this bug is this: we can do better than we do now. Perhaps we should start with down-weighting non-local visits, perhaps ten to one, and see how it feels.

There might not be a middle ground that works for all users, so we might consider exposing some kind of toggle, All History/Local History, or something. I'll put my 25¢ in the mode jar now.

From an implementation standpoint, this means altering getSitesByFrecency in SQLiteHistory.
I would like to make this an toggle-option in Settings, in case the user should want to include their desktop history. We're syncing it, after all. 

Are your comments from Bug 1046709 still valid for the iOS sync instance, Richard?
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On iOS I implemented what I'd like us to do on Android: we have separate recorded visits for local and remote. We can't distinguish between different remote devices, but we do know which visits you made on your iPhone. 

So this bug is immediately actionable, while that Android bug is not. A setting would be straightforward, and would just tweak which SQL we run; just local, both (what we do now), or a biased weighting between the two (even a slider if you hate our users).
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Depends on: 1184767
2.0 or 1.1 for the setting. Initial stab is Bug 1184767.
Closed: 8 years ago
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