Non-standard percent-encoding in URLs, produced by the "Add a Keyword for this Search..." context menu button




3 years ago
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3 years ago
The "Add a Keyword for this Search..." function builds a URL template with a query string representing an HTML form.

A problem arises when the relevant markup contains characters beyond U+007F: Instead of in the format defined in RFC 3986 (, they are encoded in a non-standard format, using "%XX" and "%uXXXX" sequences (where each X is a hex digit).

In specific, characters from U+00A0 to U+00FF are encoded as "%XX" (where XX are the latter two characters in that code point). Characters beyond that are encoded in the UTF-16 format, each unit prefixed by "%u".


For an example, see the search bar on The form has a hidden input element, named "utf8", with value "✓" (U+2713, ✓, CHECK MARK), which gets encoded as "%u2713", instead of the correct "%E2%9C%93".


3 years ago
Severity: minor → normal
Component: Bookmarks & History → Search

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9 months ago
This is also breaking "Add a Keyword for this Search..." on Github.

The ✓ utf8-forcing URL convention is being used by lots of websites due to its adoption in Ruby on Rails.
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