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Heroku doesnt allow root domains, we can forward but not https at the dns level, either need to switch hosts or dns provider
To comment here a bit -

Heroku *does* allow root domains. However, as DNS does not reliably implement root domain CNAME ssl-endpoint.herokuapp, most DNS providers (including Mozilla's) do not support the ALIAS record type necessary to host it on https correctly.

Transferring DNS service for this domain to Amazon Route 53 would allow you to add the root domain ALIAS ssl-endpoint.herokuapp record. Other DNS providers may permit this as well.
Richard, happy to get the domain transferred to amazon to get the root domain working, any idea about the process?
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Hey Richard, its not hugely urgent, but wanted to ping you again to see if you had any suggestions on how to get this domain transferred / configured correctly?
Ah, sorry. So, you'll need to set up Route 53 DNS for the domain.

:jbuck, you've done this recently for MoFo (setting up Route 53 with a root ALIAS record) - would you be willing to help Dale set this up, or point me to a guide on setting it up that we can use to help him?

(Obviously the docs are public and it might be simple enough to do without previous experience, but given that Bzlite is already in production and :jbuck has prior experience migrating domains in this way, I thought I'd ask.)
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:atoll - Sure thing! I have a Cloudformation script that does 95% of the work at

What that does is configure a S3 bucket to redirect to the domain of your choice (RedirectHost = It also creates a Cloudfront distribution which will provide a custom SSL certificate for the redirect (IAMCertificateId = whatever the ID of the SSL certificate is, and CloudfrontAliases = Once you got that deployed, then all you need to do is setup the Route53 zone on AWS with an A ALIAS record for that points at your Cloudfront distribution: A ALIAS (just for example)
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Thanks so much for the information.

However that sounds like a fairly complicated setup for a simple site, I have removed any need for the site to run a node server and it could be delivered as a plain static site now so it seems like we could go with something simpler for hosting.

Whats the easiest choice for a simple static site server under mozilla infrastructure, not entirely sure who to ask here so if this needs forwarding that would be appreciated.
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This doesnt block or effect 2.5 at all, so taking the blocker off, but one ill probably want to fix soonish
No longer blocks: 2.5_BugzillaLite

If Route53 is an option, we can consider doing that and keeping you on Heroku. Alternatively, I can also see what our DNS provider can do :)
Clearing NI, this is no longer an actively developed mozilla product, I will likely put it on my own hosting shortly
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Works now on my own hosting
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