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[userstory] Tour second entry path for normal mode users who open a page link in PBM


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User Story

User Story:  
* As a user who selectively opens some links directly in PBM, I want to know if Firefox is making any changes to private mode so that I’m not confused or surprised in my surfing experience

Acceptance Criteria:
* This only applies to users who have not yet seen the new PBM first- run tour and who open a blank PBM window and seen first-run tour on the built-in page (about:privatebrowsing) and open a link directly into a PBM window, and that resulting page contains elements blocked by TP. 
* A doorhanger drops from the shield icon in the URL bar. Doorhanger copy (not final) “Private Browsing Mode now blocks page elements that attempt to track your browsing behavior. [Take the Tour]


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Think we have a good middle ground here that reduces complexity for the tour. 
1. There is one pref that user has seen a "teaching moment" (a doorhanger) If they close the hanger either on a page opened directly in PBM *or* if they open PBM and see the built-in page, we flip the pref.
2. Both first-run hangers (built in page or page opened directly) go to step 2 in tour. This means second-entry doorhanger copy has to have all the pertinent *summary* info that is contained on the built-in page and it's doorhanger, i.e. "PBM now has TP! When you see a shield icon here.... Take the tour!" We have to solve this flow with UX and with copy. BONUS: If we can make the built-in page doorhanger and the secondary entry doorhanger identical, even better.
3. For tour step 3, we will not hand a secondary panel off the primary doorhanger. We only will have the primary doorhanger (i.e. CC w/ TP) and possibly show a blue highlight. We'll solve the problem of annotating the primary hanger with UX and copy, and Web team is responsible for implementing
Need to run all of the above past Aislinn tomorrow. Goal is to preserve as much of the original tour concept as possible while cutting complexity enough that our points estimate is realistic. One last caveat: implementing the doorhanger above will show "no tracking elements on the page..." even though the UI tour has a shield icon. This is an inconsistency. On tour step 3 the hanger is already open.  Clicking the fake shield icon in step 2 will drop the same doorhanger from step 3.
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