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Uninitialised value use in Predictor::SpaceCleaner::OnMetaDataElement


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When loading
(note, the Tangerine Tycoon may be a Red Herring; this may happen more widely?)
I have Valgrind complaining of undefinedness in 

  if (!ok || !mKeyToDelete || lastHit < mLRUStamp) {
Attached file Valgrind complaint
I spent some time trying to make sense of this.  It's not entirely
straightforwards.  Here's my best guess as to the sequence of events:

::OnMetaDataElement is called on some object

we have stack-allocated |lastHit| being uninitialised
1480  uint32_t hitCount, lastHit, flags;

ParseMetaDataEntry is called, and fails, returning |false| and not
setting |lastHit|
1481  bool ok = mPredictor->ParseMetaDataEntry(key, value, [..]

Because |ok| == false, this is taken
1484  if (!ok || !mKeyToDelete || lastHit < mLRUStamp) {

and we copy the undefined value of |lastHit| into |mLRUStamp|
1486    mLRUStamp = lastHit;

Some time later, ::OnMetaDataElement is called on the same object.
This time, the call to ParseMetaDataEntry, and |mKeyToDelete| is
non-null, so the conditional becomes

1484  if (false || false || lastHit < mLRUStamp) { ..
In this case, |lastHit| is defined, because ParseMetaDataEntry
succeeded (returned |true|), but |mLRUStamp| contains the
garbage value we set it to in in the previous call.

I verified, by reading the machine code, that it is indeed the
"lastHit < mLRUStamp" part of the conditional that Valgrind is
complaining about.

It seems pretty strange to set mLRUStamp to a garbage value when
the ParseMetaData call fails -- is that intended?
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A possible fix

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Yeah, this looks like the right fix. Thanks!
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