sync error in ff39 update solved by delete appdata folders en reinstall ff39 in save mode!




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Steps to reproduce:

-uninstall ff39 in save win mode f8
- delete all users maps incl appdata maps for all users in save win mode f8
- reinstall ff39 in save win mode f8
sync reagain 

Actual results:

sync error first time by not delete appdata maps when uninstall ff39

when uninstall in save mode with appdata gone it work again!

Expected results:

when you uninstall ff39 it must remove all appdata files and profiels
en leave no trace
sync to work again
(In reply to tempzzp from comment #0)
> when you uninstall ff39 it must remove all appdata files and profiels
> en leave no trace

We changed this in bug 432017. We used to give you the option to remove this data. However, too many people used this and were then upset that their data was gone. I expect this removal was a conscious choice and we're unlikely to revisit it, but maybe Rob thinks differently and/or wants to clarify further.
Blocks: 432017
Component: Untriaged → Installer
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Definitely don't want to add that back. The best practices from MS are to never remove this data from an uninstaller for several good reasons.

As far the bug regarding sync not syncing why can't it detect the condition and correct the state? I've had to do similar things with the Add-ons Manager back in the day when I owned it.
No longer blocks: 432017
Component: Installer → Sync
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Also, people in this state shouldn't have to uninstall for it to be corrected.
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I agree that we shouldn't add this back as many people rely on the fact that uninstalling Firefox doesn't also remove the profile, so I'm going to WONTFIX this. If you can provide specific details of what was wrong in the existing profile which caused you to be unable to setup or disconnect sync, we'd be happy to look at that - either reopen this bug or create a new one with those specific details.
Last Resolved: a year ago
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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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