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Standardized flag is wrong


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What did you do?
1. Fix parsing issues on
2. Provided {{WhyNoSpecStart}}, to fix parsing and to indicate no spec (=non-standard feature)

What happened?

Correctly parsed with no errors.
Correctly displays no specification entries.
Wrongly sets "standardized": true in "Raw Data"

What should have happened?
"standardized" should be "false", as no spec is present and WhyNoSpec is provided, too.

Is there anything else we should know?
Blocks: 1132269
I've asked :sheppy on bug 1170206 if he agrees that's how {{WhyNoSpecStart}} should act.  For now, it just signals that the parser shouldn't report an issue about the extra text in the spec section.

The current way to clear the standardized flag is to add one of these in the feature name cell:

{{non-standard_inline}} -
{{not_standard_inline}} -

Those pages are where I first found that KumaScript - it may have changed since then.
{{WhyNoSpecStart}} is a no-op. It (as does {{WhyNoSpecEnd}}) does absolutely nothing. It's there only to allow the parser to detect this scenario, where there's material other than a specification table in that position.
I don't think {{non-standard-inline}} in a cell is enough to clear the standardized flag.

This page is typical for a non-standard JS feature:

1) {{WhyNoSpec}} is present
2) {{non-standard_header}} is present
3) "Non-standard" tag is present

Either of these should clear the flag, imo.
Blocks: 1181140
No longer blocks: 1132269
Summary: [CompatData][Importer] Standardized flag is wrong → [Compat Data][Importer] Standardized flag is wrong
While {{WhyNoSpec}} for recognition of non-standard features may not be adequate, {{non-standard_header}} should be enough, though, to set 'standardized' for the whole feature to 'false'.

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Summary: [Compat Data][Importer] Standardized flag is wrong → Standardized flag is wrong
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The BrowserCompat project is canceled.  See for current effort. Bulk status change includes the random word TEMPOTHRONE.
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