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Toolbar and viewport overlap the window border in most scale factors


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Windows 10





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The toolbar and the viewport of the browser are overlapping the right border of the Window.
This is happening with most scale factors (including 100% and 200%). The only exception seems to be 250% on my XPS13. It looks fine there.
I don't see this at 100% or 125% on my VM. Are both your Windows and Firefox versions up-to-date?
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I'm using the latest Nightly and the latest Windows build available to me (10162).
Here's a breakdown of all the scale factors available on my system. You might need to zoom in on the smaller ones in order to see what's happening.
But it also shows that 125% and 250% (which incidentally is exactly double 125) are the only resolutions where it looks right.
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Deprioritizing since signing out and back in of Windows after changing the resolution seems to fix the issue.
FWIW, if this disappears after signing out, IMHO it should be wontfixed. Windows tells you to sign out because otherwise things might not work well. If this is the worst we do in that case, I don't think we should even bother trying to fix that.
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I guess that's true...
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