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Citrix Receiver does not work any longer in Firefox Aurora on Debian Testing AMD64


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Steps to reproduce:

Hello @ll,
not sure, if I should attach my info to one of the other Citrix Receiver related bugs, but as I found only ones for MacOS or Win .... :(

I need to use Citrix Receiver during my traineeship to connect to our company's server to use my domain user there.  As I am not using Citrix Receiver regularly, I am not sure, when it happen to stop working, but IIRC it was nearly at the time, when Aurora switched to version 40 ...

Now my observations:

In the past, I was able to go to https://xenapp.mycompany.tld and Receiver started my desktop automatically. But suddenly it was only showing this loading symbol for a minute or two ... :( I then tried to reproduce it on Debian Testing AMD64 with Iceweasel 38.0.1-5 as well as Firefox 39.0 (binary download from, where I can connect with Citrix Receiver (13.0, 13.1 as well as 13.2) without any problem ...

If you need any further information, feel free to ask :)

Actual results:

I only see a this loading symbol for a minute or two, but am not able to connect to our company's XenServer ... :(

Expected results:

It should load my user's environment from my company's server without any hassle.
¡Hola Thomas!

Thanks for your report.

My employer instruct us to do the following:

"Please connect with Citrix Receiver. Download and install the latest version of Citrix Receiver from and use as the server address."

Citrix Receiver doesn't even need the browser anymore.

Does the demo detailed at work for you?

Has your company moved to StoreFront yet?

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Whiteboard: [testday-20150904]
Hello Alex, *,
I have nearly done this, what you quote from your employer (other than I did not use Cortoso, but the real address from my employer). On my system – Debian Testing AMD64 – Citrix Receiver did not start at all, when I try to use it outside a browser ... :(And I do not know, if the company moved to StoreFront. I have left the company for some private reasons nearly a month ago, so I would not be able to ask my boss, sorry ... :(
Thanks for your interest in my bug and have a nice day
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Are you both still running into this bug?

Thank you,

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Hello Justin, *,
sorry for the delay, but I had my finale exams of my retraining .... :(

It seems to be fixed in the meantime again, thank you very much :) Though I will need Citrix Receiver no longer, I am really thankful, that you fixed it :)
Have a nice evening
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