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DefaultLoadFlags are not set for the first and some other requests


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Not set



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As described in nsIDocShell:
   * Default load flags (as defined in nsIRequest) that will be set on all
   * requests made by this docShell and propagated to all child docShells and
   * to nsILoadGroup::defaultLoadFlags for the docShell's loadGroup.
   * Default is no flags.  Once set, only future requests initiated by the
   * docShell are affected, so in general, these flags should be set before
   * the docShell loads any content.
  attribute nsLoadFlags defaultLoadFlags;

and LoadGroup
 * The set of load flags that will be added to all new requests added to
 * this group. Any existing requests in the load group are not modified,
 * so it is expected these flags will be added before requests are added
 * to the group - typically via nsIDocShell::defaultLoadFlags on a new
 * docShell.
 * Note that these flags are *not* added to the default request for the
 * load group; it is expected the default request will already have these
 * flags (again, courtesy of setting nsIDocShell::defaultLoadFlags before
 * the docShell has created the default request.)
 attribute nsLoadFlags defaultLoadFlags;


It is expected that the first request, that will become the default request, already has this flags -
It is expected but not guaranteed.

The default request is sometime deleted if docLoader is not busy
and for the next coming request default flags will not be enforced as well.

I am not sure of the design here, adding a patch to enforce defaultLoadFlags for each request
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Reading the description of this parameter, this fix looks logical.
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bingo! nicely done.
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just fixed some tests.
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