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Browser becomes unresponsive pending content reload on application state change


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(Reporter: aaronmt, Assigned: sleroux)



On execution state change of the app we force a reload (why?), during this time the application is unresponsive until that is complete.
Summary: Browser becomes unresponsive pending content reload on state change → Browser becomes unresponsive pending content reload on application state change
We shouldn't be reloading the page whenever opening the app the the browser view controller appears. For example, if we're offline we want to be able to see the previous loaded page without it trying to reload it. 

As far as the delay, I think this is happening from when the app gets terminated in the background and needs a full relaunch.
Assignee: nobody → sleroux
Running the app and looking at the code, this behavior doesn't happen whenever we're coming back into the app while we're backgrounded. If the app is killed in the background and requires a cold start, a cached screenshot of the app is displayed, which make the app look unresponsive, and the web page reloads. Note that this is similar behavior to Chrome. The only difference is that instead of displaying a cached screenshot on cold boot, they show a 'empty' version of the browser view which then transitions into the greyed out version actual web view to indicate it's stale/still loading.

I think to fix this, we might need to work on the perception of what the user sees from a cold boot. Thoughts?
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Won't block 1.0 - clearing tracking flag
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From a quality standpoint we should track this post 1.0
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Flags: needinfo?(dhenein) will be the solution for this bug. Closing as dupe.
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Duplicate of bug: 1191585
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