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[PP] Back out privacy panel


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The time has come to back out the privacy panel.  The plan is as follows:

* Remove the privacy panel.
* Clean up the geolocation changes, remove fuzzing, make no location, fixed location and accurate location permanent in gecko see Bug 1097229.
* Maybe move the RPP out into its own app.
* Merge the privacy coaching material into the existing privacy coach project and/or the FTU experience on FxOS.
* Maybe merge the app permission panels with Freddy's existing verbose permissions panel.
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this patch completely backs out the privacy panel.

Redirecting to a Settings peer since the only part of the patch which isn't an |rm| is there :)
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@Dave could you provide more insight, discussion link, or agreement with PM so I can get some context about why we will do this?
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this patch completely backs out the privacy panel.

The removal generally looks good to me, but please address above comment and set review again. Since there is a portion of verticalhome, please also include verticalhome peer in review chain.
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Thanks Paul and Wilfred to provide more information. It makes more sense then have a stand alone privacy control panel.

@Dave the PR has some conflict, please fix that and set review again to me & verticalhome peer. Thanks.
Alright, I just rebased.
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rebased to HEAD
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rebased patch to back out privacy panel

Test on device and the panel is removed
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Since there's some discussion about privacy control's related test regression,

@huseby could you rebase and merge the commit (and make sure treeherder green) soon?
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How's going with this issue? Dave do you still work on this?
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I got stuck on fixing the failing unit tests.  Never figured out how to run Mullet on Linux.  I had other more high priority fixes to make.  I have time now to look at this again.  Is there a better way to run the unit tests to fix them?
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As I know we use node 0.10 with npm2 for test, you could use 'nvm' to manage different versions of node and manually update to npm2.
Someone also report node 0.12 works well though
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pull Dave's PR and fixing tests
I think the main reason is the patch miss deleted `shared/test/unit/mocks/mock_manifest_helper.js`, so it broken other tests that used that test mock.
treeherder all green and on device test looks fine. merged to master
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Should this be removed as well?
1580 privacySection.ariaLabel=Privacy Controls
Blocks: 1215194
This is a shame we did this because:
1) there was a way to change the geolocation location ; this hurts our testing for geolocation.
2) The privacy panel was only in the engineering build and was not in production

I would prefer to have it back please.
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we can add back a way to set the geolocation location.  the rest of it needs to be refactored and merged back in if appropriate.  this was backed out because it was largely broken and unmaintained code.
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